Overcoming your key challenges

Win more deals with our help

You can win more contracts by increasing your bidding capability for your key “must win” opportunities.  Our entire approach is aimed at achieving a precise match with what your clients are looking for.  Our unique tools and techniques have achieved an annual win rate of 100% for various clients across multiple bids and evaluation marks as high as 100%.  It doesn't get much better than that!

Reduce your costs with our help

Minimise waste:
On each opportunity, we help you focus precisely on the things you need to do to win.

Transform your presales ROI
If your win rate is 10%, that means 90% of your presales budget is providing no return on   investment.  Improve your win rate with us, and you will improve cost effectiveness.  In fact,  our input typically means that you win more bids than you lose.

Avoid overheads
Deploy our skills on short term assignments rather than expand your permanent team.   Especially helpful if you have a recruitment freeze.

Benefit from a transfer of skills into your team
Every Precise Proposals engagement will provide skills transfer into your organisation. Your team can make use of those learned skills and behaviour to help you better achieve your objectives on other, future opportunities.

Reduce your opportunity cost
By helping to carry the load on your bid, we free up your time and energy to concentrate on what really matters for your organisation.