Large Corporation
250+ Employees

You represent a large corporation with your own established bid team.  

However, you face some bidding challenges and you are interested in finding out if Precise Proposals could possibly help.  

Overcome overload

Another tender opportunity is arriving. Your best people are overstretched or unavailable.  You don’t have time (or budget approval) to hire a new recruit. You need someone who is highly professional, who will hit the ground running.  

Precise Proposals will integrate easily and quickly with your team because our team has extensive experience of working with major companies and we have a very flexible working style. 

We can also help any subcontractors struggling to write the quality of content you need.

Add extra sparkle to your bids

The Precise Proposals team brings experience of some highly sensitive sectors (including Defence, Criminal Justice, Health and Finance). Our team members have been trusted by large corporations with highly detailed open-book bids.  We have a track record of working in close partnership with their significant competitors, yet we’ve managed to retain commercial confidentiality throughout.  Our client-focused approach to writing means you win higher marks and gain more buy-in from your clients.  The fact that our team has consistently achieved an annual win rate of 80% speaks for itself.  

One of the most effective ways for your bid writers to learn is through our reviews.  We don't just mean the rainbow of Shipley reviews (although we can run those too). 

Subject matter experts seem to improve the most if they receive one-to-one reviews of their contributions by an independent and skilled bidding professional.