Medium Enterprise
50-249 Employees

You represent a medium sized company with strong skills and experience.  Your growth plans mean you need to break into larger contracts, in both public and private sector.  The problem you have is that your teams are already busy.  Besides, the scale and complexity of the bids will demand specialist resources and skills to overcome the competition.

You would also like to increase your profile by partnering with large corporations, but you need somebody to successfully manage the working relationship with their bid teams;  somebody who understands the challenges of bid management in large corporations, who can speak their language and who will rapidly build trust through consistently delivering great quality bid inputs to the timeline agreed with the prime contractor.

The medium-sized Systems division of ICS Computing, a well-respected and award-winning local company, was in exactly that situation.   They had a great product line, strong management and technical skills, plus a track record of successful delivery on small to medium sized contracts.  The logical next step was to win some bigger deals.  

Previously, their bids had been handled by the sales people and by management on an ad hoc basis.  However, to win the kind of deals being targeted, against Tier 1 competition, they needed a whole new level of specialist skills.

The department retained our Bid Manager as a lead consultant on a medium term contract.  He quickly added value to the talented in-house team and had his contract extended.  In just under three years overall:

  • Our consultant built excellent working relationships with all levels of the company
  • He developed new sets of tools, smoothing the bid process and generating highly professional  proposals.
  • These new tools included: 

         -  Bid management approach

         -  Risk monitoring tool

         -  Proposal writing techniques

         -  Proposal templates, along the way incorporating a whole new brand identity  

         -  Cost models for internal SMT review and external customer presentation

  •  The division quickly began to win seven-digit contracts in the public sector
  •  The company gained the skills needed to partner with a major Systems Integrator on a tender worth over 20 million, setting up a whole new strategic partnership 
  • The company announced ever increasing organic gross profits - up to an increase of 36%.

This performance brought the company to the attention of Equiniti, and facilitated a buy-out on favourable terms.

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